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A Vision Becomes Reality: InterviewVillage Changes the way America Searches and Applies for Jobs

InterviewVillage Job Broad is the Brain-Child of founder Krystal Wilbanks. She wants to change the way America searches and applies for jobs while providing a more effective and productive way for employers to connect with job seekers.

When I first spoke with Krystal about this project, she said, “I want to build a web based job exchange where job seekers and employers can create profiles, share videos, post articles, news and pictures, with features similar to or Then I want to create a data base that Users can search to match employers and job seekers, kind of like Finally, I want Users to be able to ‘filter’ those search results as simply and as easily as finding the perfect car on”

Well, her vision, while still in it’s infancy has a solid start as seen on the interviewVillage web site. Please visit the site and find your perfect employment “match” from well over 100,000 positions all across America.